The Loudest Love, the Greatest Voice


I was Chris Cornell’s biggest fan.

I know I’m not alone in saying that. You could be too, and I hope you get there. If you decide to take the journey in discovering who he was, and what he will always be, you will eventually appreciate just how massively superior he was to almost every artist, and yet understand how burdened he was as a person.

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All the Good Things

A touch, a gentle blow of the wind, and then a release of the flower. Donna stood back, admiring her white roses. And those lilies across her pristine lawn. She loved it all. Her backyard, her sanctuary. When the sun still hung over the mountains in the valley and splashed everything with light, with energy, it looked quite magnificent, quite comforting. Sometimes when she watered the lawn, she held the hose at an angle so a rainbow appeared. Other times she would sit on her bench with just a cigarette and her thoughts. And oh, those thoughts! There were too many in her head, but in her garden, that was something no one had to know.

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