The Loudest Love, the Greatest Voice


I was Chris Cornell’s biggest fan.

I know I’m not alone in saying that. You could be too, and I hope you get there. If you decide to take the journey in discovering who he was, and what he will always be, you will eventually appreciate just how massively superior he was to almost every artist, and yet understand how burdened he was as a person.

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Flight 331


I came home from Austin last week. Another Texas trip visiting my sister, and another one where we saw Blink-182 perform.While the show was great, and checking out the bars 6th Street made for a memorable experience, my last day was frustrating. We left the hotel in Austin and got on the road, headed for Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport around 11 a.m. My flight, Flight 2496, was set for 4:30 p.m. We should have been there in plenty of time.

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Nintendo Switch Preview Tour, Los Angeles: Demos, Impressions, Takeaways

This past weekend was the last stop of the Nintendo Switch Preview Tour. From Toronto to San Francisco, and finally down to L.A., fans of the Big N have been able to preview the new system all winter before its release. Of course, the Switch launched on March 3, as well as early Game of the Year candidate for any gaming publication, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Link’s new adventure has garnered universal acclaim from those who have played it. It would be a shock to see if critics didn’t like enjoy the game, but it’s nonetheless comforting to know Nintendo has scored big out of the gate.

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A Lifetime in the Making

Published in the Crescenta Valley Weekly, Feb. 16, 2017

The first letter came from the United States government dated April 12, 1945:
My Dear Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, a brief report has been received that your son, private first class Samuel L. Anderson Jr, United States Marine Corps Reserve, was wounded in action against the enemy on 11, March 1945 at Iwo Jima, Volcano Islands. Your anxiety is realized

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‘Hardwired’ is the Album for Every Metallica Fan, Truly.

Metallica fans may be one of the most devoted groups in music, but they sure know how to pick a bone with their favorite superstars. To wit: 1) the bass is never mixed properly on the records, and neither Jason Newsted nor Rob Trujillo can match Cliff Burton, so who cares anyway? 2) Lars Ulrich is an egomaniac who can’t keep a beat or find an adequate snare sound, and 3) Kirk Hammett favors his wah pedal and the rigidity of the pentatonic scale to ever reclaim his former glory.

No one ever says anything negative about James Hetfield, though.

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What We’ll Miss Without Vin

“Hi everybody, this is Vin Scully welcoming you to the 43rd annual Phoenix Open, and to the Phoenix Country Club; 6,729 yards of beautiful rolling fairways and greens; rich, heavy trees and palm trees reaching up into a somewhat overcast sky — but indeed, a beautiful day for golf. And to all you folks back east and the Midwest, and wherever the weather has buffeted you to stay indoors, hopefully a few candid snapshots of the scenery here in Arizona, along with some fine golf will take your mind off the weather. Our minds right now are riveted at the story unfolding in the third round … “

We will miss the way he’s always welcomed us into the broadcast booth for every telecast. It was always a pleasant good evening, wherever we were when his voice entered our living rooms.

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